Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes Slow Combat *The Nimbler* Wingspan 42” Engine .35


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

*The Nimbler*

Slow Combat is a competitive event that is fun for pilot and spectator alike, and the Nimbler adds an even better dimension to the sport of the competition.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 48” x 36”

Three page article with building notes

Wingspan 42”

Engine .35

by Mack Henry

   Four years ago we started flying Slow Combat as a crowd pleaser at some club demonstrations. We quickly learned it was as much fun for the people flying as it was for the spectators.

   In the beginning we used models from kits, but because of their higher cost, sometimes weaker structure, difficulty in rebuilding after being broken ­and because everyone likes to fly his own plane ­we started designing our own. The first ones built used a Nemesis wing with a fuselage. Then we started playing around with nose and tail moments, elevator area and shapes, flying stabs, and finally with wing area and airfoils.

   I believe the Nimbler is the best plane I have flown with or against. It will fly the Stunt pattern with the ease of a flapped acrobatic ship. If somebody gets on your tail, it will turn tight enough to get you out of trouble. With the very short nose moment and long tail, it's as stable as a rock. A Nimbler is pretty tough, but if it does break, it is generally easy to rebuild, and the wing loading is light enough to allow a couple of patches without seriously hurting the performance.


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