Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes swept wing design Combat *PINK PANTHER* W/S 36" Engine .15


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


fashionable, swept wing design with really hot performance '73 NATIONALS WINNER the model with a 'bite'!

Full size printed plan on a sheet 38” x 24”

Two page article with building notes

Wingspan 36"

Engine .15

Derek Dowdeswell's

  I finally came up with the model drawn here and it was with this that I won the '73 Nationals and placed fourth at this year's Dutch International.

Before any model airplane is built something has to he found with which to build it. During the history of Aeromodelling many different materials have been tried, but none have enjoyed the same success as wood, and in particular balsa wood, but when choosing your balsa wood there are several points to bear in mind. Firstly, it must be straight; it is no good having a really well-built model if it's the shape of a donkey's hind leg. Secondly, the wood must also be light, this especially applies to the leading and trailing edges, although all the wood in the outboard wing can be a little heavier than the remainder. 

   If this model is built in the correct sequence it is possible to build one in a week. Everyone has their own favorite building pattern, but for anyone who hasn't built many combat models before, then this is the suggested sequence. If a great number of models are going to be built then it is worthwhile to 'mass produce' certain items before starting on an individual model.

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