Full Size Printed Plan Championship FF A-2 Tow-Line Glider Wingspan 84”


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material, Plans only

Pacer 15

The model which won the 1983 World Championships in FIA (FF A-2 Tow-Line Glider) the first U.S. winner since 1959. It is a state-of-the-art model in all respects.

Full size printed plan  on a 48” x 30” sheet

Five Pages of notes and photos

Wingspan 84”

Towline Glider

Matt Gewain

   THIS DESIGN is a state of the art F I A model which combines a proven circle-tow mechanism with a strong, lightweight structure reinforced with carbon-fiber and fiberglass materials. The result is a model which gives high performance and consistency. The Pacer is not intended as a beginner's model, but like all good contest designs, the model is simple to build.

   Construction. The Pacer 15 is not a good "first model" for a beginner, as it utilizes a number of unusual construction techniques. Rather than go through a step-by-step list of how the model is assembled, I will just point out the unusual aspects that you may find useful.

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