Full Size Printed Plan Control Line Profile Stunter The FLIP A fine project for any young modeler


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

Vintage 1976


A fine project for any young modeler. Helps to get the feel of cutting, sanding, and finishing balsa wood. All parts easily cut from sheet stock . . no fancy shaping required. And oh yes, it flies great, too!

Full Size Printed Plan on a 30" x 20" sheet

Two page article of notes and photos

Control Line Profile


Wingspan 27”

Engine Tee Dee or Black Widow .049


This very simple 1/2A model is a practical, capable stunter. It will perform all the pattern maneuvers . . . not quite like a "real" stunt model, but well enough for fun flying, and it offers some advantages as a stunt trainer. Our Flip was designed to see if it was possible to work within the limitations of using all sheet balsa, simple construction techniques, and still get a ship that would perform the pattern maneuvers well enough for a skilled flier to enjoy, or for a beginner to learn the maneuvers.


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