Full Size Printed Plan Control line speed Half A "Minimum" Wingspan 8” Engine .049


Full Size Printed Plan            

Not a Kit or Material


Full size printed plan on a sheet 8 ½” x 11”

Two page article

Control line speed

Wingspan 8”

Engine .049

by George Rathgeber

By definition minimum is the least quantity or amount possible. Here's our attempt to arrive at. the minimum quantity in a Half-A speed model. The simple design results in extreme low weight of 2 7/8 ounces and short construction time. A single line and elimination of the empennage reduce parasitic drag.

The plane was designed around the Cox Thermal Hopper engine. An aluminum Ansco 120 color film was used as the fuselage. These cans are available at color film processing shops.( seen on Ebay)

The wings have a symmetrical airfoil; it is not necessary to differentiate between the left and right until joining them. The spars do not go through the fuselage. Join the two wings with rivets and glue them to the male half of the aluminum can as shown in the plans. Be certain the wings are on center line of the can and have zero incidence. when the most efficient wing tip guide hole is determined by flight tests remove the metal containing the remaining holes with a file or grinder.

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