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Build a model of this deep-vee ocean racer that set a controversial record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1986. Basic construction material is sheet balsawood.

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SCALE 3/8” = 1 foot






On Sunday, June 29, 1986, Richard Branson became the fastest man to cross the Atlantic Ocean, in the "VIgin Atlantic Challenger Il," His record­ breaking 3,OOO-mile trip with a five­ man crew crossed the finishing line at Bishop Rock Lighthouse off the Isles of Scilly at 1834 GMT; three days, eight hours, and 31 minutes after the start from the Ambrose Light Tower at the entrance to New York Harbour, so beat­ing the Blue Ribbon record by two hours and nine minutes previously held by the SS United States in 1952.

However, the record crossing did not count, as only passenger liners can compete, according to the American keepers of the Hales Cup, presented to previous record-breakers.

Nevertheless, it was a considerable achievement for the 22-meter long (72 feet) Atlantic Challenger that had to contend with the most gruelling condi­tions to be found anywhere at speeds at times peaking in excess of 50 knots, and a minimum speed of 38 knots, which had to be maintained to break the record.

Power to the two, five-bladed, cowled, surface piercing propellers was provid­ed by two 12-cylinder MTU diesel en­gines each rated at 1960 m hp. The entire propulsion package, including gearboxes, were housed under the aft deck with 13.5 tons of fuel contained in special rubber tanks below the cockpit

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