Full size printed PLAN fast R/C steering and multi-boat racing L 28” B 9” Engine .15 to .40


Not a Kit or Model no material

This Listing is for Full size printed plan


A new 28in. design for fast R/C steering and multi-boat racing

Full Size Plan on a Sheet 36” x 24”

Three Page Article of building notes and photos

Length 28”

Beam 9”

Engine .15 to .40

By Vic Smeed

There is obviously a demand for nice looking V-form hulls, and in considering a design for multi-boat racing, where a V hull can be useful, particularly in disturbed water, we bore in mind those who believe in the V and produce a hull having as deep a V as we believe is practical and desirable.

The result is Musketeer; whether other people will think that it fills the 'nice looking' part of the requirement is of course a matter of taste! Its ancestry is obvious in three earlier and very successful designs, Remora, Suzie Q, and Cachalot, but there are departures from these boats which will, we believe, enhance performance; certainly we expect it to be no less successful.

Although a .40 is shown on the drawing, we would not recommend this unless the hull is plentifully reinforced with glass-fibre or, of course, moulded in g.r.p. from the outset. The overall length is 28ins. and maximum beam 9 ins so it is not exactly a big boat for a .40, and a certain amount of trimming would be essential.

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