Full size printed plan Found FBA-2 Scale ¾” =1’ Wingspan 27” Power Rubber


Full size printed plan and Building notes

Rubber Scale

Found FBA-2

Full size printed plans on a sheet 26” x 18” 20lb bond

Four page article with building notes and photos

Scale ¾” =1’

Wingspan 27”        

Power Rubber  

by Norman Charlebois

   Never heard of it? A fine bush-flying machine for modeling. Full Size Plans are staring at you, so crank in the winds. Sometimes the lesser known birds make the most interesting model projects. I've had good times and fond memories with this Canadian bush-flying light aircraft, its design roots going back to the 1952- 1953 era. While this doesn't make it qualify as an antique among aircraft, it does offer the modeler a practical and interesting airframe for Rubber Free-Flight Scale fun.

The Prototype

   Found Brothers Aviation Ltd. was located at Malton Airport, Canada, and in those days-gone-by was busy mainly with ground-support equipment and subcontracting for larger firms. The two Found brothers had been working for three years however on this aircraft project, which evolved from the FBA-l into the FBA-2C. It was a design concept of a "plane for everyone"sportsman, businessman, bush operator, and the family man. Aside from its simplicity, it was a rugged, reliable, comfortable flying machine, with low operating and maintenance costs.

Thank you for your interest Rose

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