Full size printed plan Glider 48 1/2" 3-in-l machine R/C flying, "MINIKIN,"


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material, Plans only


3-in-l machine, suitable for almost application you can think of!

Full size printed plan on two  34” x 24” sheets

Six page article with building notes

48.5" span

For radio control

John Cooper's

Minikin came about as a result of the need for a small model to take on holiday at a moment's notice. I wanted a model that would test my strengths and weaknesses in R/C flying, yet be aerobatic, compact and fly in 1O-30mph winds. So Minikin was born!

General note

The tailplane you choose will determine the fuselage construction as there are two lengths of fuselage sides. There is space enough for two standard o four mini servos but if using mini servos, formers F2 and F3 will require added holes for the control snakes.


1) The 'T' tail requires the short fuselage sides and formers FI-F3

2) The '11 tail requires the long fuselage sides and formers FI-F3

3) The 'V' tail requires the long fuselage sides and formers FI-F5.

Thank you for your interest


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