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Night Owl


Full size printed plan on a  36” x 12” sheet

Four Pages of notes and photos

Wingspan 59” (1500mm)


By Jim Moseley

The two prototype Night Owls have proved that the design is not only strong and easy to build, but that the Wingspan 59”

DURING THE SPRING of 1978 I assisted my elder son Kevin, then 8 years of age, to build his first glider from a kit, which subsequently demonstrated the fact that the flying ability of a small cabin design is not necessarily as attractive as its illustration upon the box! In this instance, even I had great difficulty in towing the model to any appreciable altitude, and Kevin found it impossible to handle at all with his very limited skills.

After putting aside the pieces, I reasoned that the prime requirement was; for a glider of moderate size, and thus possessing greater inherent stability; which would be simple enough to build to be within the "attention span" of a youngster, yet strong enough to stand up to some considerable abuse; and still fly well enough to be satisfying.

So Night Owl took shape on paper, prime importance being given to stability and strength with the structure kept simple, and performance a secondary consideration. A flat bottomed wing section was chosen for ease of building for rib cutting, assembly and eventual covering. The 12 1/2% thickness aerofoil was selected to give a thick wing that would be resistant to both warps and towing stresses.

The most pleasing surprise came on the occasion of the models' first outing in October 1978 when, after a little hook adjustment, it proved viceless to fly in all respects with a slow, bouncy glide which was in excess of all expectations

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