Full Size Printed Plan Goodyear profile racer Control Line "Wittman Buster " sure winner


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Wittman Buster

Carefully-streamlined Goodyear profile racer is a sure winner with any hot 15.

Full Size printed plans on a sheet 33" x 21" 20lb bond

Four page article with building instructions

Control Line

Scale 1 ½” = 1’

23 " Wingspan

Engines .15

by James Kioth

     Buster will take up a place of honor on my workshop wall. She has the longest winning record of any full-size racing plane and has the lines and performance, in model form, to win for you, too.

    I had used the "hollow profile" type of construction on two previous Thompson Trophy Racer models and found it sturdy enough, yet not too difficult or complex to construct. It provided a cleaner model and lighter weight in the search for a few more miles per hour           

    Buster is, and probably always will be, the best known of the Goodyear Racers. One of the first to appear, it won the first Goodyear Race at the Cleveland National Air Races in 1947. It wen t on to post an excellent winning record for many years before being retired to join the Spirit of St. Louis and the Wright Brothers' Flyer in the Smithsonian Museum. Thus it is "the" symbol of all the Formula I category racers. Buster wasn't new when it came to Cleveland in 1947 only the name, pilot and. engine were. In fact, it was probably one of the oldest planes, having first competed in 1931 and each year following (until WW II intervened) as Chief Oshgosh, with designer Steve Wittman at the controls. It had gone through many modifications over the years and was powered by at least three different engines. Many of its design features had already been put to use in production airplanes.

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