Full Size Printed Plan guided missile ship Scale 1:192 LENGTH 32 ½” for R/C


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Model of a modem

Full Size Printed plans on a sheet 36" x 27" 20lb bond

Six page article with building notes and photos

Scale 1:192

LENGTH 32 ½”




by David Coleman

(The model is made from balsa except where otherwise stated.)

The hull of the original is 520+ ft. long and has a beam of 54 ft. At a scale of 1 in. to 16 ft, this gives figures of 321/2in. and 3 1/2 in. for the model. However, I increased the beam to 4 in. to accom­modate all the radio gear, etc. My usual way of making a hull of this type is by flush planking.

 THE Devonshire is the first of six large guided missile warships for the Royal Navy. They are for some odd reason designated 'Missile Destroyers' by the Admiralty, but the layout of the ship's struc­ture resembles that of a cruiser more closely than that of a destroyer.. Their main armament consists of a twin launcher for the 30 mile range 'Seaslug' missile on the quarter­deck, and a quartette of 4.5 in. guns in two Daring type turrets are mounted at the fore end of the ship. These guns are fully automatic and radar-controlled, and have a range of 25 miles. The conventional 'Limbo' or 'Squid' anti-submarine mortar is replaced on the Devonshire by a Westland 'Wessex' helicopter. This carries dunking sonar to detect a submarine and homing torpedoes to destroy it

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