Full Size Printed Plan HAND LAUNCH GLIDER 45” W/S for Radio control is easy to build;


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material, Plans only

Simple structure is easy to build; note added 1/16 sheet covering support strip in wing.


Full size printed plan on a  32” x 24” sheet

Two page article with building notes

45” Wingspan


I have always been fascinated by gliders. I suppose it originates from watching birds, but to me the beauty of a plane wheeling silently and apparently effortlessly through the sky cannot be matched. So of course I had to build one for myself. The limiting factor was size; while a l00s glider offers high performance it needs space and a lonely field where it can do no damage, and, in Cambridge, there are few slopes available.

What I really wanted was a glider compact enough to fit in a large rucksack so that I could cycle to a nearby field (at 16, that is about the only form of transport regularly available!), and light enough so it would be easy to towline launch and would fly slowly enough to teach flying basics in a relaxed manner. And thus 'Midsummer Daydream' was born.

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