Full size printed Plan high-speed model L 28" Gas or Electric Express Cruiser For Radio Control


Full size printed Plans

Not a KIT or MODEL no Material

Vintage plan from 1960


Full Size Plan on a Sheet 36” x 24”

Twelve Pages of building notes and photos

Length 28”

Beam 10”

Engine .06 to .15 Diesel (1cc to 2.5cc)

Convert to glow or Electric

Radio Control

By Vic Smeed

Pirana, is a lightweight, high-speed model with what we feel to be the best combination of length/beam ratio, planing area, hull form, etc., etc. The original idea of the model was sparked off by the success of our tests with the incredible little Frog 1 1/4 in. nylon three-blade prop which for some baffling reason delivers enormous thrust without cavitation when turned at 10-12000 r.p.m. or more by a 2+ or 3+ cc diesel. Torque reaction is slight with so small a propeller, but the oomph is terrific. We are, in fact, using a Frog 3.49 in our prototype, but unless speed control is fitted, we consider that it is unsafe to exceed 21/2 cc, and even then you are likely to have a bomb on your hands!

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