Full size printed plan Kyushu J7Wl Shinden Scale 1:18 Wingspan 24” Power Rubber


Full size printed plan and Building notes

Rubber Scale

Kyushu J7Wl Shinden

Full size printed plan on a sheet 30” x 21” 20lb bond

Two page article of Description and photos

Some building notes on plan

Scale 1:18

Wingspan 24”

Power Rubber

By Don Srull

One careful, thorough look at the Kyushu J7Wl Shinden, or "Magificent Lightning", and you can see that this plane could easily be termed ahead of its time. In almost all basic respects it departed conventional aircraft design and incorporated features that are coming into contemporary aviation vogue. First, it incorporated a canard surface, used as a pitch device with a conventional elevator arrangement. Coupled with the canard was a swept main wing, forerunner of the just dawning jet age. Lastly, it used a pusher prop, with six blades, driven by 2030 hp Mitsubishi engine that flew the plane to a top speed of 468 mph, and a top ceiling of 39000 feet.

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