Full size printed plan LUSCOMBE PHANTOM Scale 1/16 Wingspan 23 1/4" Power Rubber


Full size printed plan and Building notes

Rubber Scale


Luscombe's 1934 machine was superb, makes an outstanding Rubber Scale, requires craftsmanship.

Full size plan on a Sheet 24” x 34” 20 lb bond

Six Pages article of notes and photos

Scale 1/16

Wingspan 23 1/4"

Power Rubber

by George Meyer

   Model is a copy of the white "Phantom" owned by the prominent sportsman Dr. K. Tschudi of Bergamo. Italy and Lucerne. Switzerland.

   The Luscombe "Phantom" model 1 was an all-metal high winged cabin monoplane with side-by-side seating for two. From any angle the "Phantom" was a combination of soft. round curves that spelled out speed with a beauty of line that had many green-eyed with envy. Because of its speed and its desire to be unfettered. this "Luscombe" was strictly a let's-go somewhere airplane: it covered a lot of ground in an hour. The all metal framework was unusually tough, strong enough if need be to withstand the stresses of amateur aerobatics, and it certainly eliminated frequent airframe maintenance. Airplanes like this came rather high. so the "Phantom" had to be leveled at a certain clientele. those few that would enjoy this airplane and be willing to pay for it. As powered with the 7 cylinder Warner "Super Scarab" !Series 50) engine of 145 hp. the "Phantom' drained every ounce of power from the engine and put it to good use; a testimony of this airplane's aerodynamic cleanness. Not burdened with a heavy. clumsy framework. the "Phantom" was quick and very deft in its maneuvers. A thorough pleasure to fly

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