Full size printed plan Mustang P 51 B Semi-scale 1:20 approx Wingspan 231/2” Rubber power


Full size printed plan and Building notes

Mustang P 51 B
Full Size Printed plan on a sheet 21” x 15” 20 lb bond

Four page article with building notes and photos

Semi-scale 1:20 approx

Wingspan 231/2”

Rubber power


   Construction of the Apache is very simple, yet rugged. Before starting to build, study the plans and instructions thoroughly. Select all materials with care and cement the various joints firmly.

   Very little adjustment was required to obtain top-notch flights from our model. With the rubber strands tightly wound, it leaps skyward like an interceptor. This ship, like most low-wings, goes from the power flight to the glide without a tendency to dip or stall. Because of the flat glide and fine stability, we feel that out-of-sight flights are possible tinder favorable conditions.

   The first P-51B exited the assembly line and flew in May of 1943. The P-51C model flew 3 months later. The first operation unit to receive the new Mustangs was the 354th Fighter Group appropriately nicknamed "The Pioneer Mustang Group". The B models were on station in October of 1943. Other units started to receive Merlin Mustangs in December '43 and January '44.

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