Full Size Printed Plan off the slope or flat really good floater W/S 86 inch for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material, Plans only

MiII Kema Mk3

Easy to build and elegant  MiII Kema Mk3 is ideal off the slope or flat.

Full size printed plan on a 34” x 22” sheet

Two page article with building notes

Wingspan 86 inch

2 Channel Radio Control

Keith Humber

 The series 3 Milli Kema has evolved over the last five years. This commenced with the series 1 which was designed as an out and out hand-launch soarer. The series 2 was taken a stage further and has proved to be a super all rounder but best, I think, as a slope knockabout model. Finally comes the stretched version, the series 3 which with an all up span of 86ins on virtually the same fuselage and tail group is about as far as the design will go. Milli Kema is not designed to any class but if you want a really good floater for the slope when there isn't any wind try this one! As you can well imagine with that sort of . span and area she really does make the most of what lift there is about. She will also handle quite a surprising amount of wind and for thermal hopping from the slope she will give the 12ft span models a run for their money. In fact she will out climb them even if she won't hang on quite as long in sink.

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