Full Size Printed Plan Open or Slope Glider for radio control 62 1/2” W/S


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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I needed a model that could be flown either from the flat open location offered by the Market Harborough Model Aero Club field or from the slopes behind my home. A power pod that could be removed with ease seemed to offer the best solution.

Full size Printed plan  on a 42” x 24” sheet

Four Pages of notes and photos

Glider Plan

62 1/2” Wingspan


By Paul Hughes

I used the design methods given in R/C Model Airplane Design by A.G-1_ Lennon, and my calculations, for a 62 in span glider, were based on achieving a wing loading of 12 oz/sq ft at an all-up weight of 2 lbs, with a radio payload of 10 oz. The results showed that the model should fly efficiently but fairly fast. Slower flight could be obtained with a lower weight, so my initial target became a build weight of 1.3/4 Ibs, with higher weights for flying in stronger winds obtained by ballasting. The book describes a method of determining the profile shape to give a good balance of areas, which should minimize height loss during turns. On 'Polaris' this led to quite high dihedral with turned up wing tips which help to make the model very stable.

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