Full size Printed Plan Outboard or Inboard 13" & 19" cabin cruiser suitable for Radio Control


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Not a KIT or MODEL


Electric Full size plan on a sheet 22" x16" 20 lb bond

.049 Gas Full size plan on a sheet 33" x 24" 20 lb bond

Three page article with some building notes and photos

Suitable for small radio control

Length 13"               Length 19-1/2"

Power Electric           Power .049 gas


The model features an outboard in preference to an inboard arrangement for simple reasons. There is no I stuffing box or misaligned shafts to worry about, resulting in a dry hull. The miniature outboard gives the needed touch of realism; also sports a built-in reversing switch. The model is steered in typical outboard movements. Almost any closed circle is attained, by pre-setting prior to launching. On deck, as well as the cockpit roof, fittings such as cleats, horn running lights and an antenna are mounted. Many of these die cast accessories are available at shops sporting boats, and boat fittings.

There are available a number of outboards of the electric type, such as the Imp and the Speed Master. Since the Imp was available to us locally we decided making use of it. Going a little farther, .more recently Atwood Motors and Allyn Sales Co~ came up with a new. look in gas engines. Real working outboards, To make use of either one of these motors Penny's proportions must be increased by no less than 50 per cent. Building Penny is a simple piece of work. In planning its design we leaned a bit to the rugged side. All construction centers around a 1/8 in. sheet balsa crutch. A portion of this crutch is cut away after the hull is completed.

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