Full Size Printed Plan 'Period' cargo vessel Scale 1/144 Northwestern Miller


Full Size Printed Plan

No material plans only

Northwestern Miller

'Period' cargo vessel

Full Size Plan printed on a 39” x 30” Sheet

One Page Article and photo (No Building Notes Some boat building experience required)

Scale 1:144

Length 36”

Beam 4 ½”

Power electric

Suitable for Radio Control

'THESE drawings feature a type of vessel now almost completely vanished from the scene, the large coal-burning, steam reciprocating, triple-expansion driven cargo carrier. Such a design and type of vessel formed the backbone of Britain's merchant fleet for the period when her merchant fleet and shipbuilding industry occupied the premier place in the world, and it is of interest to compare the type with the ships built today. The advances made in construction and cargo handling equipment since these vessels were built in 1915 are evident. Built by the Northumberland Shipbuilding Company Ltd., of Howden-on-Tyne, a company no longer with us, for Furness Withy & Co. Ltd., the ship entered service in the North Atlantic trade of the Philadelphia Transatlantic Line between London and Philadelphia. Of an overall length of 433 ft. 6 in., a beam of 53 ft. 6 in., a loaded draught of 26 ft. 6in., and a dead- weight of 8,600 tons, these ships were specially designed for the cargo of flour, and no doubt if such vessels were built today they would be merely large boxes with a little shaping at the ends, and possibly no cargo handling gear. Six cargo hatches are fitted, with steam winches and a total of 16 derricks to handle general cargo,

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