Full Size Printed Plan Pilot or Police launches Twin Electric Suitable for Radio Control



Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Pilot 40

Full Size printed plan on a 32” x 24” sheet

Twenty two page article with build notes and photos (not all shown)

SCALE 11/16 in to1ft.

LENGTH 27 1/2”

BEAM 8 1/2”

Twin Electric


By David Metcalf

      Hull Construction

This will depend very much on your experience and on the amount of time you wish to spend on the model. As I have said, I prefer to use the styrene hull as this is the quickest method, but for those who wish to use other ways, let's quickly go through them.

   Plank-on-Frame Hull

The hull sections are shown on the drawing, and their stations are shown under the main elevation on the drawing. We will assume that as then: is no particular worry about the model displacement. we will build the frame work from l/4 in ply, and skin the model in l/8 in. thick spruce planks.

   These boats are used by the Navy at various locations for general harbour duties, used as either Pilot or Police launches. and to allow for this dual role the name boards are painted wood and fit into the angle support brackets at the side of the superstructure below the main engine inlet vent.

The boats are fitted with turbo charged diesel engines that give a top speed in excess of 24 knots, however their real use is for general patrol duties at slower

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