Full Size Printed Plan PT-12 Boat Semi Scale 1:35 L 26" suitable for Radio Control



This Listing is for Full Size Printed Plan

Vintage plan from 1941

PT-12 Motor Torpedo Boat

Full Size printed plans on a sheet 42” x 36”

Seven page article with building notes and photos

Semi Scale 1:35

Length 26"

Engine Original was 1/7hp gas

You may convert to electric

Suitable for radio control

by Travers Ward

THE "PT' class of boats is based on the designs of Scott Paine, long famous for his speed boats and yachts, also the work he is doing for the British Navy.

Although some details of the full-sized PT boats are shrouded in secrecy, enough information is available to construct an excellent model. In the water the model looks so strikingly like the real boat that when photographed, they are hard to tell apart. Well, let's get along with construction. Although all you experienced model builders are bound to have your own way of doing things, we will give you the following method

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