Full Size Printed Plan SAILPLANE "SLINGSBY EAGLE 3" 66 3/4" W/s For radio control


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66 3/4 ” Wingspan



By Keith Humber

   A mini scale series of Slingsbys. They must be easier to transport, cheaper and quicker to build than the 1/4 scale variety. If the flying was still reasonable then it would be super, so out with the drawing board and arrive at a suitable size to fit the paper Around 66in span seemed about right which must make this Eagle about 1/8in scale or thereabouts. I was lucky in having one of Slingsby's own rigging drawings so the model outline is pretty true to scale and so are the tail areas and control surfaces. The construction is, however, not scale since I reasoned at this size it wasn't worth making such a fiddly constructional exercise. The wing section is a Gottingen 398 which is in keeping with the full-size Gottingen 535 - I think! I designed the model to accept the average radio pack, but I must confess it would be easier to use a mini servo on the ailerons. I used Futaba Challenger and 148 servos on my model and the flying weight is around 24 ounces all up. The model is finished in a colour scheme supplied by John Watkins who built a 1/4 scale Eagle a few years ago and says it was the best model he ever had.

   Well, back to my own model. The flying is superb and not in the least jumpy. It will slow down to a scale speed or go like a bat out of hell if needed. It loops, rolls, stall turns and spins - which I bet the full-size couldn't manage - but will also fly around in a most sedate and stable manner, if you are looking for scale effect. At height you can't tell whether it is a mini scale or a 1/4 scale at a higher ceiling. She is happier in a force four but will scratch in much lighter winds. So, all in all, the Eagle has proved to be very successful

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