Full Size Printed PLAN Scale 1” = 1' Control Line Wingspan 36" Mitsubishi Type 96


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Sakai’s “Claude”

Mitsubishi Type 96

Full Size printed plans on two sheets 30” x 24”

Three page article with some building notes

Control Line

Scale 1” = 1 foot

Wingspan 36 Inches

Engines .19 to .35

By Walter A. Musciano

   Our 1" to l' scale copy of Saburo Sakaits "Claude" can be powered by a glow plug or "diesel" engine from .19 to 35 cubic in displacement.· The ad­vanced scaler may prefer the smaller powerplant for realistic performance while the novice win find a .29 win pro­duce moderate speeds to keep the model out on the lines.

   Third and final production model, the Mitsubishi A5M4, had a maximum speed of 280 mph powered with a 71 0 hp. 9- cylinder. air cooled Kotobuki radial 41 engine. Two 7.7-mm machine guns were fitted in the upper cowl, some also car­ried two 66-1b bombs under the wing. The plane could reach 16,400' in less than 8 minutes. Its sub frame was extremely light; loaded weight was less than 4,000 pounds! Range could be extended through the use of a streamlined drop tank fabricated from "paper-mache" and bamboo.

   The last Type 96 was constructed dur­ing 1940; at that time almost a thousand A5M aircraft; were in service. It saw considerable action in China; during the early campaigns of World War Two it operated from both land bases and car­riers.

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