Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:100 "St Columba" is a two-class, multipurpose ship Suitable for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

ST Columba

Full Size printed plan on two sheets 54" x 36" and 54" x 28" 20lb bond

Four page article with some building notes, description and photos

Scale 1:100

Length 51"

Beam 8 1/4"

Power electric

Suitable for radio control

builder with some scratch building experience

by D.J. Metcalf

 I drew and traced the drawings from those kindly supplied by British Rail/Sealink design office.

   The drawings are for those wishing to construct a working model. Construction should be fairly simple, starting with the bottom plank which should be carved roughtly to shape. I would suggest that one uses something like a spruce or similar soft wood, remembering to keep the weight as low as possible during construction

   St Columba is a two-class, multipurpose ship with capacity for 1,600 passengers — augmented in the peak season to 2,400 — with comfortable undercover seats for all passengers. The ship has room for 335 cars of 36x 40ft road haulage vehicles or a mixture of the two. Bow and stern loading arrangements enable vehicles to drive on or off without delay. With a service speed of 191/2 knots, the new ship is capable of making two return crossings between Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire daily.

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