Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1/16 Chance Vought Crusader F8U Tigerjet or convert to ducted fan


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material, Plans only

Chance Vought Crusader F8U

Full size printed plan on two 44” x 32” and 30” x 24” Sheets

Three Pages of notes and photos

Scale 1/16

Wingspan 26 ¾”

Engine Tigerjet

You may convert to Ducted Fan


   The F8U is an ideal subject for a jet scale model since the two position wing offers an ideal solution to the problem of engine access without hacked up, non-scale access hatches, Just fold back the wing and there is perfect access and 100% scale too The model can be flown with wing up to adjust aerodynamic features and to provide additional cooling air for the engine In order to. Keep the model down to a descent size the Tiger-Jet engine was chosen, This is 'a' light engine of some two pounds of thrust and in order to provide good power and non-power flight characteristics the model weight should not exceed 31/2 pounds including engine and fuel

   The particular airplane chosen as my subject was FBU-1 number 47 known to the' Navy as BuNo 143683 and bearing the Red checker board and arrow-insignia of Navy Fighter Squadron 211. This 'is a particularly, attractive aircraft blending the flashing red squadron insignia into the soft gray and 'white standard paint scheme'


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