Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:28 CONTROL LINE B-17G no unusual techniques, tools, or materials required.



Full Size Printed Plan             Not a Kit or Material

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

   British scale champ and noted American designer team up to produce fabulous 4-engine bomber with working flaps and landing rear lights, even motor control

Full Size printed plans on two 34" x 22" and one 35" x 26" sheets

Six page article with building notes and photos


Scale 1:28

Wingspan 45"

Engine either 2 or 4 .049

Retracting gear,

Operating flaps,


Landing lights,

Throttle control


We could begin by discussing the fantastic record of the airplane that started life as a heavy bomber and ended the war classified as "light" by contrast with the bigger, more modern aircraft that had come to supplement-but never to replace it-

But we won't. We picked the B-17 as our scale project because it's a model builder's dream ship; sturdy, straight forward, handsome-and a born flyer that will ride in on one engine just like the big ones.

   You can build her with fixed landing gear and two engines plus two dummies-or go all the way with four operating mills, retracting gear, operating flaps, navigation and landing lights, throttle control, and little men in the cockpit. Either way, she's a project that will keep you off the streets for quite a few evenings-but she's worth it. The ship is not recommended as your first scale project. But there are no unusual techniques, tools, or materials required.

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