Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:32 quarter-wheeler paddle boat Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Plan

No material plans only



Full Size printed plans on two sheets 34” x 24”

Building Plans on Cd to save on shipping

( printed available please contact us)

Twenty Two page article with building notes and many photos

Scale 1:32   (3/8”=1ft)

Length 30”

Beam 10 ½”

Suitable for Radio Control


As long as you follow the drawings and these instructions you should have no trouble. Having said that, if you are an experienced model boater you will only need to use the drawings: construction you can use best to suit yourself.

The main attraction of the Lulonga for me was that it is a quarter-wheeler. Just a word or two here as to what a quarter-wheeler is. We are all familiar with the two conventional types of paddle wheeler; we see the more traditionally English type side wheeler, a layout ideally suitable for coastal and open sea voyaging: the other being the sternwheeler, most typified by the 'Mississippi' type vessel, however what may people do not realise is that some of these had a split stern wheel, thus allowing the vessel to steer using the split, or quarter-wheeler


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