Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:40 Russian Lake Steamer " BAIKA " suitable for Radio control


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Full Size Printed plans on a sheet 40" x 34" 20lb bond

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Russian Steamer

Scale: 1:40. 5/16” to 1 ft

Length 39.1/2.             

Beam 8.5/8.

D.J. Metcalf

The Baikal was built at Leningrad in 1953, was then dismantled and taken by train to Lake Baikal where it was reassembled. The ship is of iron construction, twin-screwed, with two triple expansion engines supplied by one boiler Lake Baikal is situated in the province of Bur-Yat in Siberia. The province has a size of approx. 500,000sq.km. The capital is Ulan Ude; population of the whole province is about 800,000. It's fairly mountainous (bordering Mongolia), is mostly covered in forests and has huge mineral deposits.

With reference to the model, I would suggest that power be supplied by two Monoperms or similar. Batteries could be lead acid or nicads. The model has a good displacement so model weights are not crucial. Two channel radio can be used, either one each for rudder and motors or fix rudder and one for each motor, steering on the motors.

I would suggest construction is all plastic sheet. Lay the timber decks with veneer to obtain the planking. If one makes the raised part of the boat deck (with funnel on) removable, it will allow ample access into the hull. Owing to the 23Lb. displacement the model should be quite stable in all but the roughest conditions.

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