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Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Paddle Steamer


Full Size Printed Plan on Two 68" x 24" SHEETS

Four Page Article with some building notes and photos

Scale 1:48

Length 58”

Plans for a static model of this famous paddler

You may convert to Radio Control and Power

NOT a Beginners project 

 By Robert McLuckie

   The Construction of the model

   I managed to obtain a plan for the Caledonia, but it was very inaccurate and many necessary details missing. I only had a few photographs of the vessel when she was in the Clyde, so it was necessary to travel to London on three occasions to take a good number of photographs and measurements which enabled me to produce very accurate drawings of the ship. I decided from the start that the model would be a non-working display model and would include the main deck dining room and cafeteria, complete with furnishings and working lights, etc. It had to look authentic and every detail exact and at 1/4 in. 1 ft., the overall length was 58 in.

  The Caledonia was a well designed spacious vessel of 623 gross tons with large observational lounges on the promenade deck. a large elliptical funnel on the upper sun deck and above this a flying bridge, the wheelhouse being added in 1948. With a. length of 230 feet, a beam of 30 feet (62 feet over paddle sponsons), she had a passenger capacity of 1,700 with a crew of :34 and proved to be very popular with the public. Her machinery was a three crank triple expansion steam diagonal engine with cylinder diameters of 20in.,311/2in. and 50in with a stroke of 60in. These engines, during the trials, produced a speed of 17 knots with a required service speed of 14 knots. The two locomotive style boilers were originally coal-fired but when reboilered in the winter of 1954/5.5 they were converted to burn oil fuel. Service Life

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