Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1/72 A simple tramp steamer "S S MARIA" great beginners project


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


The model is simply typical of the type—something of a hybrid,—and all that need be borne in mind is that the original would be around 160-180 ft., i.e. a scale of approximately 1/72nd.

A simple tramp steamer

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 34” x 24”

Four page article with building notes

Scale approximately 1/72

Length 26 in.

Beam 4 3/4 in.

Power Steam or Convert to electric

Suitable for Radio Controlled

By D Rothwell

The vessel would possibly be found somewhere in the region of 30 years ago, which to most people suggests upright funnels and straight bow lines etc The Mamod unit used exactly as supplied, i.e. with base-plate and short stern tube, does not lend itself to a great number of types of boat, but does, however, suit vessels of this period, and in particular the once very common Tramp Steamer. Being essentially cargo carrying craft, they tended to have very straight sides and flattish hull bottoms, this suiting the ME1 unit, which is mounted on rather a long, flat baseplate. Having decided on the type of boat to use, it was a fairly simple job to design one to suit the steam plant. The main part of the hull could, we thought, be a simple "box" shape, with bows and stern construction from balsa. This simple form of construction was in fact employed in a rather more sophisticated manner


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