Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1/96 short sea voyage passenger/cargo carrier “S.S. GRANGEMOUTH”


Full Size Printed Plan

No material plans only


Full Size Printed on a Sheet 40” x 24” 

Four Page Article and photo (No Building Notes Some boat building experience required)

Scale 1/96

Length 35”   

Beam 4 ½”

Power and Radio Control your choice

No Construction Notes


The Grangemouth was launched on 3rd February 1908 at the Grangemouth yard of the Grangemouth and Greenock Dockyard Coy. She was 1,560 tons gross with dimensions of 275·2 ft. x 36·1 ft. x 17·3 ft. and had a service speed of 15 kts. She was typical of the short sea voyage passenger/cargo carrier of the day, apparently flush decked but in fact having well decks fore and aft. This arrangement features in dozens of craft of this class and age. Other common points on these vessels were the use of deck cranes, either steam or hydraulic, large side doors in way of the well decks, and the provision of portable stalls for housing horses or cattle The Grangemouth carried 26 cabin passengers accommodated in the superstructure amidships, and 70 emigrants were housed in 'cabins' in the poop. I have selected her because she is quite a sleek looking craft and she is not overflowing with detail. The Bernicia mentioned earlier would be a tricky model to make because of the tremendous amount of deck detail. For the model the scale has been kept down to 1/8 in.=1 ft giving an overall length of 35 in


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