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full size printed plan scale glider 50 in. w/s slope soarer "slingsb y s-21b"
full size printed plan scale glider 50 in. w/s slope soarer "slingsb y s-21b"

Full Size Printed Plan Scale glider 50 in. W/S slope soarer "SLINGSB Y S-21B"

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Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material, Plans only

Vintage plans from 1964


Full size Printed plan on a  34” x 24” sheet

Building notes and photos on plan

Scale glider

50 in. wingspan

by G. Elsegood

   MEMBERS of the Air Training Corps who have learned to glide in a side-by-side Slingsby S-21B Sedbergh training sailplane, will need little convincing that this design has possibilities for the model-maker. With its simple construction, big-span wing and controllability, the S-21B is one of those types which can be scaled down to model size without requiring any drastic departure from the original outline.

The construction is quite straightforward so why not get cracking and build a scale model with a difference ?


   The original model required no trimming, the e.g. being in. behind the main spar. If the e.g. is approximately correct, final trim may be obtained by adding packing to the tail.

Trim the model for a fast flat glide and do not fly it on very windy days. To date the Slingsby has only been flown as a slope soarer, and the performance compares quite favourably with that of an A.1 glider.

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