Full size printed plan Semi-Scale 1:100 NAUTILUS SNN 571 38" Auto submerge & surface


Full size printed plan and article

Not a kit, model and No material

Vintage plan from the sixties


Length 38”

Engine   Electric

Full size printed plan on a sheer 40” x36”

Six page article with building notes and photos

One building illustration 11” x 17”

You may update Electric motor and batteries

For those wishing to experiment a small radio control

   Our scaled down Nautilus is 38 inches long and operates with twin screws in a series of predetermined sequences. Carefully ballasted and properly trimmed, the sub will cruise on the surface, submerge, travel submerged and then surface, all executed automatically through the use of an electronic relay. If so desired, it can also be rigged for surface cruising alone.

   Construction is started with the hull which is laminated block balsa. Prepare the block and cut the two sections along the line indicated in the drawings. Then paint the adjoining areas red as shown and lightly cement the sections together. A pair of C clamps will hold the assembly while it dries.

   The fabulous sub, with deck modifications in the form of a hanger and launching ramp, can be armed with the Chance Vought Regulus, a 14,522‑1b. surface ­to surface guided missile powered by the Allison J‑33 jet engine. This missile is capable of sub‑sonic speeds, has a span of 20 ft. and a fuselage length of 320 ft.

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