Full Size Printed Plan Semi-Scale 1:16 NORWEGIAN TRAWLER For two channel radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Full Size Printed plan on a sheet 48"x 30" 20lb bond

Six page construction article with Photos

Semi-Scale 1:16

length 21 1/2"

Power electric

For two channel radio control

 This model would be quite a good exercise for the modeller keen to try a planked hull for the first time~ since the strong backbone forms a firm sturdy basis to work on; the amount of detail fitted depends on the skill of the model maker, and the simple, strong lines of the model will look well with only basic equipment.

The subject of this drawing is my interpretation of the typical Norwegian fishing boat of the kind used to run men and supplies between Shetland and Norway during the war, Outwardly innocent, many of them had bidden cargoes which were delivered under the watchful, if unsuspecting, eyes of the German patrols. The characteristic "tonk , tonk" of the slow running engines were very familiar to me as a schoolboy on the island of Barra, on the west coast of Shetland, during the early years of the war. The main repair base was at Scalloway, close by, and many boats were repaired and converted there. The local boat builders in my home village built many small Shetland boats of traditional Viking design for use in varied duties on these larger vessels.

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