Full size Printed plan Semi-Scale 1:9 Riva Ariston type launch Suitable for Radio Control


Full size Printed plan and Article

Not a Kit, Model No material


Full size printed plan on a sheet 38” x 24”

Two page article with building notes and photos

Semi-Scale 1:9

Length 28”

Beam 9”

Power Gas .09 (1.5cc) or electric

Suitable for Radio Control (note: no R/C installation shown)


AN old issue of Model Maker featuring the Riva Ariston on the cover, triggered off the design of this model, which is 28 in length. The original used a Taycol Meteor (mounted on its side) but if two single seats were fitted forward it would be quite simple to mount an ic engine of, say, 1½ cc, between them.

Construction starts in the conventional way by tracing and cutting the keel from 1/8 in ply, allowing for the prop tube. Cut the 6 bulkheads and slot them as shown, and add 1/8 in ply doublers to the keel fore and aft of B3, for the prop and rudder tubes. Assemble the bulkheads to the keel and add chines and inwales; when dry glass-paper all edges to provide a fair seating for the 1/16 in ply skins, especially the V of the keel in the region of the doublers. The skins on the original were attached with Britfix cement, with a few tiny brass pins where necessary.

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