Full Size Printed Plan Semi Scale 1 to 150 train/car/passenger ferry "Sealink VORTIGERN" Suitable for Radio Control



Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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train/car/passenger ferry

Full Size Printed plan on a sheet 32" x 36"

Two page article

Semi Scale 1 to 150

Length 30"

Beam 5"

Suitable for Radio Control

Note: there is no building instructions (Some illustrations on plan

A. Pottinger

The Vortigern was built by Swan Hunter I (Shipbuilders) Ltd., Wallsend in 1969 and entered the service of the owners, Sea-link UK, at the end of that year. Costing almost £21/2 million she was designed for train, car and passenger service operating between Dover and  in winter time she will be used principally as a train ferry between Dover and Dunkirk taking rail freight wagons and the sleeping cars of the 'Night Ferry' service between London, Paris and Brussels.

The ship gets her name from one of the British Kings who reigned between the 5th and 8th centuries, Vortigern circa 450 AD, this system of naming Sealink ships marks a departure from that employed previously whereby names were based on individual services, in this case it is intended to pick names of future ships from a group of about 50 names of ancient British Kings.

She has a capacity for 1,000 passengers, 48 in cabins, and 240 cars, with various permutations of lorries, sleeping cars or  covering the whole width of this deck and can accommodate 80 cars, the ends being hinged so as to be able to be lowered to allow access to the galleries.

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