Full Size Printed Plan Slope Soarer for Radio Control 'Zippy' 36” Wingspan


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Full size printed plan on a Sheet 32” x 24”

Four Pages of notes and photos

36” Wingspan

Slope Soarer


By Mike Freeman

   Have you ever wanted a little model that can be easily you transported and easily "hidden away" for holidays, etc? I have, and knowing roughly what was wanted I thought I would have a go at rolling my own. Hence 'Zippy' was born...I picked a wing span of 36 inches which seemed a good starting point. The wing would be two-piece giving a "broken down" size of 18 inches by about 6 inches. To try and keep to this overall storage size, the fuselage would have to be about the same size, that is, about 18 inches long  a bit shorter how about a flying wing?

    'Zippy' is very easy to fly; my Dad, who hasn't been flying for ages, took to the controls with no trouble. Moving the c of g back and increasing the movements on the controls gave a much more aerobatic performance. Rolls are very crisp and loops, although large, are fine. It is necessary to fly right round the loop with aileron correction all the way to prevent wandering. Inverted flight is just possible, maintaining altitude with almost full "down" in to counteract the reflex. I haven't been able to spin 'Zippy' and this is probably because it won't stall! When trying to cause a stall it's possible to feed in full "up" with aileron control all the way. In strong winds it is even possible to fly "backwards" doing this The one maneuver we all have to do is land. There are no problems with 'Zippy'. Just point the nose at the required spot and pull full "up" at the last moment. This seems to turn the whole wing into an airbrake and the model just drops onto the ground (OK so long as you are not too high!) Overall, flying is great fun and with the relative small size there is plenty of stick stirring when flying fast. When flying fast there is a realistic whooshing jet sound produced, usually a sign of inefficiency but who cares, it sounds great! I am very pleased with the results; 'Zippy' is easy to build and store and great fun to fly. There is no noticeable flexing in the wing or vibration in flight, and the rocking servo set-up works a treat. It's so easy to- stash away, wouldn't it be nice to "discover" 'Zippy' during the next summer holiday?

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