Full Size Printed Plan sScale 1:32 L 41 1/4" Brigadier Tug Electric or Steam Suitable for Radio Control


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Vintage plans from 1968


Full Size printed plans on Two Sheets 43” x 30”

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NOTE: There are no building notes for Experienced modellers

Scale 1:32 3/8"=1ft

Length 41 1/4"

Beam 10 1.2


By James Pottinger

The Brigadier was built in 1961 by George Brown Ltd (Marine), Greenock, and has a speed of 12.25 knots.

Of 100 ft. b.o., 26 ft 9 in. breadth, and 13 ft. depth, she is powered by a direct-drive direct reversing Crossley diesel of 1,122 b.h.p., and has a bollard pull of 141 tons A Kort nozzle is fitted for extra manoeuvrability, and is especially useful in confined spaces.

The Brigadier's normal duties are ship handling on the Clyde and estuary, but she is designed to undertake sea-voyages should the need arise.

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