Full Size printed plan Stunt Control Line 58" Wingspan F4U Corsair


Full Size printed plan No material or model

Reproduced Vintage Plan from 1978

F4U Corsair Control Line stunter

Time to be daring and deviate a bit from the accepted stunt control line planform the inverted gull Chance Vought Corsair inspired this one, turns in an able performance

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 51” x 36”

Four page article with building Notes

Control Line

58" Wingspan

Engine .46 +

By Jack Sheeks

   As for this model, a Stunt Control line inspired by the prototype, old Pappy would be pleased with it as it will still fly with the best of them. The ship is a bit large and bulky, in keeping with this designer's frame, yet it has a distinctive character all its awn and the more you see it the more you'll like it. Since this ship has come into existence it has fired up a few furnaces and proven once again that Stunt ships are like Stunt flyers, they are not all shaped alike and don't have to be machines.

   The fuselage is somewhat close to scale as we took pictures of a set of 3-views, set up the drawing board in the family room, trotted to the kitchen to show our labor. Of course some smart aleck put some slides in that were not in keeping with the theme, but those beach shots can surely take minds off building models for a while. Once the lines were on the paper to indicate where the moment arms would be, 'we aligned the picture and drew in the intended outlines of the airceaft. After getting all the various sections of the ship drawn, we started figuring in the actual structure and changes necessary to have a good Stunter.

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