Full Size Printed Plan to build a 1/2 A Control Line Sport Stunt airplane CRYSTAL AMANITA


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


An easy‑to‑build 1/2A control line sport model with detailed instructions for assembly. An excellent model to get that youngster interested in the hobby.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 32” x 22”

Four page article with building notes

Wingspan 24 ½”

Engines 1/2A

Control Line


   Crystal Amanita is styled generally like the modern parallel‑line type aerobatic monoplanes, and is designed to be vibration absorbent in the front and to distribute vibration throughout the rest of the airframe so as to minimize excess stress in any one area.

   Crystal Amanita has proven to be durable and a really good flying machine for about two years that I have been flying and improving the design. it is well worth the time and care to cut and fit the parts snugly, as accurately fitted parts will require minimum glue to hold securely and no amount of glue will make an improperly fitted seam as secure as an accurate one. Excess glue only adds undesirable weight, which both decreases flight performance and dampens flexibility, which results in premature airframe fatigue.


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