Full Size Printed Plan to build a Control Line Stunt airplane Boomer


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Full size printed plan on 42” x 30” and 17” x 11” sheets

Four page article with building notes


ENGINE .19 to .29


 Most ukie models are designed to serve two purposes. One, they are modelled around the large .29 and .35 en­gines and, two they are built to go fast. But, not all en­gines are large engines and certainly the small engine is intended for use with fast ukies. Building the larger models with 19's results in slow speed and often makes it necessary to fly on shorter lines to get a snug pull at the handle.

Windy weather also takes its toll. The small engine used in a large ship just doesn't deliver the fun. Manoeuvres are not as clean because of the lack of power and it's not unusual to get a "loose" feel at the top when do­ing loops, eights or just plain overheads.

 There's only one good answer to this problem. That is to have a small fast ship that can really step out. One that flies through all of the manoeuvres with a nice clean pull all the way and which has the proper power to weight relationship.



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