Full size printed plan Trolley Work Cars Fairmount Park Transit Co A 1945 PLAN



Full size printed plan and article

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Trolley Work Cars

Fairmount Park Transit Co

One full size printed plan on a sheet 11" x 17"

Four page article with building notes and photos

(If you are working in a different scale we can do the drawings only in that scale)


LENGTH 12 1/8”

WIDTH 2 3/8”


   Work-Car Fundamentals

   The work car shown in the diagram is suggested by the Fairmount Park Transit Co. work car which is shown in one of the 'photographs. As you can see from the photo, the car was obviously rebuilt from one of the line's passenger cars of closed vintage. There have been some changes made in drawing the plan, chiefly to simplify construction. You can make all the further changes you wish in order to obtain a work car exactly to your liking. Use the various photographs as well as your own recollections and ingenuity for ideas. The closed half of the car 'provides an excellent place for hiding the motor unit which sticks up into the car. The tower for working on the wire can be fabricated from stripwood and cement, although if it is to be made to work, it had better be soldered up. The distance from the floor down to the rail will vary according to the type of motor truck you use, as well as the type of line--city or interurban-you are modeling. A work car of any type is usually encumbered by all kinds 'of junk. I have shown in the plan just a lantern and a ladder (from a toy fire-engine), but the photo of the Rancocas Valley Interurban work car X-113 should provide a few thoughts.

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