Full Size Printed Plan Vintage 1950 Control Line Semi Scale Mini Racer "Dawson Special" 1/2A


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Vintage 1950

Dawson Special

This fairly faithful copy of a Goodyear contender will provide a lot of fun with those half-A motors

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 28” x 20”

Three page article with building notes

Control Line

Semi Scale Mini Racer:

Wingspan 15”

Engine 1/2A

By Dick StruhL

ALTHOUGH the full-size ship never had victories like those of Buster, Bonzo or the Cosmic Winds to its credit, someone must have been thinking of the model builders when he laid down the configuration of the Dawson Special. Its simple straight lines allow us to produce a semi-scale model that just about falls together during construction. Our version of this little plane is built around the Infant glow engine this should appeal to the less experienced flyers since flights are not too fast. If you are an experienced builder, then a larger engine such as the Baby Spitfire or the smaller Cub can be installed with but minor modifications In such a setup we are sure the performance would be "hot" enough to please anyone. When using the Infant version, care must be exercised in choosing the flying weather. As the model is light, any heavy wind will force it to float in on the lines on the upwind leg. So you must be on the alert to take a step backward as the model heads into the wind. The single surface lifting wing, very rare on control line 'models seemed to hold up very well and showed no unstable characteristics in a ship of this size. And due to the wing, the take-off run is very short indeed. Best of all, when the engine cuts, the model doesn't fall out of the air, but can be guided in for a beautiful three-pointer. If you are sceptical about the last 'statement, we suggest you gather your razor, glue sticks follow the instructions carefully and see for yourself!


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