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Vintage Plan From 1959


Hello VTO and bye-bye pylon. Though sway-back in appearance, this ship is not saddle weary.

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 36” x 27”

Tree page article with building notes and photos


Wingspan 43”

Wing area 260Sq.

Engine 1/2A

by Don Drury

Seven years of building high-thrust models has convinced us that this is the answer to screaming climb, good transition and fine glide. "Ca Ja" breaks away nicely from the conven­tional high-thrust model which is usu­ally a simple pylon job with the engine mounted high in front of the wing.

Appearance and strength were the primary factors behind "Ca Ja." The usual high thrust model is weak in the pylon and in the fuselage immediately behind the pylon. The first in the series of high thrust models that led to "Ca Ja" were conventional pylon type. These designs were very consistent, docile and have many wins to' their credit.

The second in the series was an at­tempt to strengthen the pylon and the fuselage. This was stable, but the low stabilizer on the rudder suffered in landings.

About this time, Stan Hills' "Ama­zon" became popular and an F.A.I. and two 1/2A models with wedge-type fuse­lages were tried. Ships were not very stable because of side area of fuselage forward of center of gravity. Next followed the sway-back style. About here we began to see real possibilities. This design climbs like it's on rails, almost straight up, with just fair transition to glide. Since wing and tail section are the same con figuration as pylon models, the glide was good. We built all sizes of this model and are still winning contests with a Torp. 15 A job.

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