Full Size Printed Plan Vintage 1961 very simple to build Buz-Bug 1/2 A For contests or just for kicks


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Vintage plan from 1961


Gnatty appearance detracts naught from fly·ability 049·.051 up front. Good contest ship,. It is very simple to build. For contests or just for kicks'

Full Size Printed PLAN on a Sheet 28” x 40"

Two Pages Building Notes & Photo

Wingspan 43"

279 sq. inches area

Engine ½ A

by Joe Slovacek

The first version of "Buz-Bug" was designed back in 1955. Since that time it has gone through a few alterations in order to meet up-to-date rules, hot power, and the desire for simple construction. From the first one built, the performance was fairly good, although the design had its weak points. Actually, we considered "Buz-Bug" more of a novelty, than a contest model. Leaving that thought in mind for about four years, we never got around to working out the final bugs. That was the story until 1959. At the Tri-State Championships at Longview, Texas, our number one ½ A ship smeared on a test flight. For the need of a plane to fly in this class, "Buz-Bug" was chosen'. It won first place, with three max's.

This was what made us take the second look at the "Bug". Its major weak points seemed to be in its construction. On more than one occasion the wing had folded in midair, and the fuselage also needed a little beefing-up. After correcting these faults and adding a little wing area, the flaws were gone, and ... a new "Buz- Bug" was born. It is very simple to build. For contests or just for kicks', I hope that you will find time to build one and put it where all insects belong . . . somewhere in the sky, with a buzzard chasing it. If you've been peeling glue off your thumb for the last thirty years ... build it your way, but for the beginner-here's a few suggestions for construction. A complete list of materials needed for building "Buz-Bug", is at the end of this article.

Thank you for your interest

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