Full size printed plan vintage 1965 VTO's with a passion Freeflight Bounty Hunter 1/2A


Full size printed plan and article

Vintage plan from 1965  

Bounty Hunter

VTO's with a passion; designed to take advantage of latest advances in model engineering and 'to fit the new short-run rules. Over 50 already tested in contest warfare!

Full size plan on a Sheet 58” x 28”

Two Page article with photos NOTE: (No building notes except those on plan)

Wingspan 56”

Engine .049 -.051


This ship lives up to its name. It does everything but accept the trophies. It's no one-man design either, since many others are winning with it in sizes up to 1,000 square inches and all over the Southwest. The "Bounty Hunter" is an unusual bird, but there are good reasons for its differences. And, unlike most well known designs, the reasons were considered before the first ship was built, not afterward. It isn't just a redesigned version of an old standard.

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