Full size printed plan VINTAGE 1966 Control line stunter .09



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Full size printed plan on  a sheet 39” x 24”

Two page article with building notes

Control line stunter



By M. Constant

A prime design consideration was a light wing loading and for this reason its 33 1/2 in. span wing has 200 square inches of area for an all up weight of only 13 ounces with a P.A.W. 1.49 cc engine. To obtain this sort of weight wing ribs must be lightened, and be very careful when selecting the wood, bearing in mind the function of each section of the model that the wood is required for.

Flying performance leaves little to be desired with smoothness a notable feature, 'though it still performs "squares" and "triangles" with ease'. Of course, it has limitations, as being lightly loaded it is best not to fly in anything stronger than a moderate breeze, and secondly it was not designed as a crash proof brick, so make sure the ground does not come up and hit it, or something like that! Any 1.5 cc engine should give a sprightly performance and the wheel spats are an optional extra for those who want a sleeker model.

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