Full Size Printed Plan VINTAGE 1970 Semi-Scale Stunt Controline “ME 109” simplest to build and fly of them all


Full Size Printed Plans Not a KIT or MODEL


“ME 109”

Replica of the Post War powerhouse!

Full Size Printed Plan on a sheet 29" x 52" (Full Wingspan and Formers shown)

Four Page Article of notes and photos

Nostalgic 30

Semi-Scale Stunt Controline

Wingspan 51"

Engine .29 to .35

replica of the Post War powerhouse!

by Jack Sheeks

The "ME 109's" clean slim design makes it an excellent project for a controline stunter in this Semi-Scale form. I for one have had seven different variations of the "109" and have fared better in contests with them than with any other model. The one you see here is the simplest to build and fly of them all. There is only one block to buy in the construction of this ship.

Once the trickiness of the landing and takeoffs were mastered, the little ship was a fighter pilot's dream. It had excellent accelleration, a fast climb rate and handled beautifully in almost any maneuver. Pilots have stated that the ship was so slim that you felt you were part of it while flying.

Designed by Willie Messerschmitt in 1933, the "ME 109" won the distinction of being the only fighter to last from 1936 to 1945 as a front line machine. It was also manufactured in larger quantities than any other single seat fighter during this period. Variants of this ship accounted for 60% of the fighters produced by Germany during the war years.

As the allies were continually manufacturing new and better fighter planes, the Germans had to work twice as hard to keep up. They couldn't interrupt the production lines in order to produce a completely new fighter, so the "ME 109" was continually being changed and improved. However, the basic airframe and wings saw very little change.

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